Kunoichi Bunny

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ISBN-13: 9781459827806
Sara Cassidy, Brayden Sato (Illustrated by)
March 15, 2022
Hardcover Picture Book| 32 pages
Juvenile Fiction / Toys, Dolls & Puppets 
Ages 3 to 5, Grades P to K
The sun is out and the birds are chirping. It's a beautiful day for Saya, her dad and her well-loved stuffed bunny, Kunoichi, to go to the park. On their way, Saya stealthily stops a fight by flinging her floppy four-legged ninja-bunny between two snarling cats. Later on, on the bus, Saya throws Kunoichi under the wheels of a child's stroller, halting its dangerous roll toward the stairs. Dad doesn't notice as Saya uses Kunoichi to save the day time and time again on their outing and on the bus home, proving small actions can have a great impact. This wordless picture book in graphic novel format by award-winning author Sara Cassidy and illustrator Brayden Sato will bring joy to every reader who believes in the magic of stuffed animals.

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