Sink or Swim

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ISBN-13: 9781459828513
Tash McAdam
August 17, 2021
Trade Paperback| 112 pages 
Young Adult Fiction / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories 
Ages 12 And Up, Grades 8 to 12
Bruised and battling hypothermia, Bass and Rosie must seek shelter and work together to survive until they can be rescued. If they can be rescued. Sixteen-year-old shy, socially awkward trans teen Bass reluctantly skips school and goes on a boat trip with his adventure-seeking girlfriend, Rosie. When a sudden storm smashes their boat on a rocky shore off a deserted island, Bass and Rosie struggle to make it to safety. After a horrible night, Rosie, an experienced climber, decides to scale a steep cliff to find help. She falls and injures herself badly. Now Bass has to find the strength and courage to swim around a dangerous headland and make his way back to civilization before it's too late.

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